Road Pollution Damages Mice Brain

Researchers in the U.S. have revealed that exposure to road pollution can lead to brain damage in lab mice which is similar to Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. The mice were exposed to airborne pollutants for 15 hours a week over a period of 10 weeks. They suffered massive brain damage.

The authors said the pollutants are invisible yet they can affect brain health in the long run. They found that exposure to road pollution causes great damage to neurons associated with memory and learning. The pollutants caused inflammation linked with Alzheimer’s disease and premature aging.

The research study was recently published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. It needs to be replicated in humans to check if the effects are the same. The researchers pose a thought-provoking question: ai???How can city dwellers be protected from this kind of dangerous road pollution?ai??? The answers are not yet known.

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