Mandometer(R) Method Approved For Treating Eating Disorders

People who suffer from eating disorders can now be prescribed the Mandometer(R) method for getting their problem sorted. Mandometer is a device that provides feedback to the person suffering from the eating disorder. The feedback is about the person’s rate of eating and his/her satisfaction levels during the food intake when compared to people who consume normally. This feedback can prompt the person suffering from eating disorder to keep to a normal diet thus, helping one to reduce body weight simultaneously.

Clinical trials have also proved that around 75 percent of the people who were treated using this method recovered and around 90 percent of them stayed healthy for more than five years. The Mandometer(R) has been recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and this therapy is now available to public. Mandometer(R) clinics are currently in New York (East 78th Street), Australia and Sweden.

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