Hookah Use on The Rise

A research conducted by the San Diego’s Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and the University of California has revealed that the use of hookah among American youth is on the rise and could even be rivaling the use of cigarettes. Of late, there has been a decline in cigarette smoking among the high school students in the US. But the latest trend of smoking hookahs or a water pipe is alarming.

Almost 26.1 percent of the students who were part of the survey have reportedly tried the hookah. While 10.9 percent of the students who took part in the survey smoked hookah in the month of March,2011, 11 percent of them have stuck with cigarettes during the same month. 33.3 percent of the who were into smoking hookah also agreed that they would not want to quit this habit.

Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy, the senior author of this study has reported that the misconception about the harmlessness of the hookah is what is driving these school kids to make a switch from cigarettes.

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