Heavy Beer Drinking Can Cause Stomach Cancer


Big beer drinkers face a higher risk of getting gastric cancer (stomach cancer), and this risk is increased if they have a particular gene variant. This bad news to heavy beer drinkers was recently revealed in a study.

Tipplers who have imbibed two or three beers daily for a number of years face a 75% higher chance of getting gastric cancer. This risk increases exponentially to greater than 700% if the heavy beer drinkers possess a gene variant named rs1230025. Even if you don’t drink heavily, but have this gene variant, you face a 30% greater risk of getting stomach cancer, compared to occasional beer tipplers who do not have the gene variant.

This gene variant is present in around 20% of the population. Liquor and wine drinkers can breathe easy, as these alcohol types are not as risky as beer. The findings of the study were presented recently at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. Gastric cancer took a toll of 10,570 American lives last year. It usually affects senior citizens aged 65 or older.

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