Babies of Obese Mothers Face Higher Risk of Death

Babies of obese mothers face a higher risk of dying in the womb or in their first year, reveals a new study in Britain. The researchers analyzed about 41,000 pregnancies and deliveries in northern England during the years 2003 to 2005.

The risk of fetal death or infant death was double among obese women compared to those who had normal weight during pregnancy. Babies of women with the lowest BMI (Body Mass Index) faced much less risk of dying. This study was recently published in Human Reproduction journal.

The researchers speculated that the causes of the higher risk could be diabetes or high blood pressure in obese pregnant women. They say this study highlights the importance of providing additional monitoring for pregnant women with weight issues.

Health experts say women should maintain a healthy weight before becoming pregnant. They should not strive for weight loss during pregnancy. It is therefore essential that pregnant women adopt a balanced and healthy diet to give their babies the best start to life.

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