Metformin Diabetes Drug Can Prevent Endometrial Cancer Says Research

Experts from the University of Warwick have found that the drug used to treat diabetes and polycystic vary syndrome (PCOS) can inhibit the development of endometrial cancer too.

5-10 percent women develop PCOS and one-third of them have cancer in their genital tract. The former is a complication owing to raised glucose levels in the blood. Intake of the prescribed diabetes drug metformin is known to improve regularity in menstrual cycle.

As part of the present study, experts studied the effect of this diabetes drug in PCOS women with endometrial cancer cells in them. By the end of the study, it was found that in women who took the drug for 6 months, the spread of the drug was 25 percent less in comparison to the women with PCOS and no treatment.

Though further research needs to be carried out on this subject, the anti-cancer properties of metformin drug are proved by this study.

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