Girls in Certain Sports Face Higher Risk of Stress Fractures

A new research study reveals that girls who take part in high-impact sports such as cheerleading, gymnastics, basketball and running face a higher risk of suffering stress fractures. The researchers looked at data involving more than 6,800 American girls aged between 9 and 15. During the seven years of the study, about four percent of the girls suffered a stress fracture.

Heredity also plays a role. Girls whose family members had osteoporosis or weak bones were twice more likely to suffer a stress fracture. The number of hours at sports also made a difference. Girls who devoted more than eight hours a week to sports were twice more likely to get a stress fracture compared with girls who played sports for only four hours a week.

There was no link between the risk of stress fracture and body weight. Sports experts say this study highlights the importance of developing low-impact sports activities that can lower stress fracture risk in youngsters.

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