Cord Blood Stem Cells To Be Introduced into Cerebral Palsy Children!

Researchers in Australia are waiting for ethics approval to start the first of its kind clinical trial on 20 children suffering from cerebral palsy, using their own umbilical cord blood at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne.

This study will reveal the effectiveness of the cord blood stem cells in treating and curing cerebral palsy in children.

Although, this procedure was performed in about 250 cerebral palsy children by Professor Joanne Kurtzberg, over the past five years, there is no relevant, published scientific data from this study.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells have the capacity to regenerate and differentiate into other cell types.

According to Professor Euan Wallace, cord blood stem cells have the capacity to repair brain injuries as was seen in research conducted on animal models.

One possibility suggested by scientists is that the cord blood stem cells travel to the injured area in brain and recruits cells to repair it. The mechanism is yet to be found out.

The current study, which begins this year, will offer treatment to all the children participating in the trial.

According to Professor Wallace, all of them will be given a complete neurological assessment and will be infused with blood. Then, the cord blood will be infused randomly, either immediately or within three months.

With this trial design, all children are offered treatment, but the results can be seen only in a select few.

This study will be the first one to test the uniqueness of cord blood stem cells in repairing damaged brain cells in humans.

If the trial results are as expected, the scientists will have found the treatment that reverses cerebral palsy in children.

Researchers have also proposed the possibility of treating diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and spinal cord injuries using cord blood stem cells.

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  1. I am inquiring about a clinical trial for children with cerebal palsy. My grandson is 3 yr old, but we do not have his own cord blood. Was inquiring whether it could be a match and would that be considered.

    Thank you,
    Michele Robinson

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