Cancer Side Effects to be Reduced Using Nanopolymer Drugs

A biochemist from the Purdue University has discovered a process based on nanotechnology which can determine whether a cancer drug has reached its target or not. The results of the study are published in April 2011 online edition of the journal Agnewandte Chemie International Edition.

When cancer drugs go off-target, it can lead to the appearance of side effects. Presently, there is no system in place which can find out whether a drug has reached it target tumor or not. These polymers are water soluble and thus the experts believe that they can be delivered to the target cells of cancer with more success.

The drugs made up of these polymers have beads in them which help in removing the latter from the target site after the intended task is over. The mass spectrometry technique lets the experts know the exact proteins with which the drugs interact on their delivery.

In this way, the risk of cancer drug reacting with wrong proteins of the cells is eradicated.

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