Regular Fasting Can Improve Heart Health

A new research study reveals that regular fasting can boost the health of your heart. Doctors based in Utah asked about the fasting habits of 200 patients, who were taking an angiography test to check if they had coronary heart disease.

The survey revealed that those who fasted regularly had 58% lower risk of coronary heart disease compared to those who did not fast. The findings were reported at a recent conference of the American College of Cardiology held at New Orleans.

This study finds a link between fasting and good heart health. An earlier study in 2008 looked at fasting and heart disease in 448 patients. The latest study shows that people who fast regularly have a lower risk of coronary disease.

The surveys reveal that respondents most commonly fasted once a month during which they abstained from all food for 24 hours and drank only water. The research suggests that regular fasting causes metabolic changes which could benefit the heart.

However, the researchers advise people who intend to do fasting for the first time to get the green signal from their doctor first. Also, fasting should not exclude water intake as dehydration could increase the risk of stroke.

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