Interstim(R) Therapy Now Approved for Treating Fecal Incontinence

The Medtronic, Inc. has announced that the US FDA has now approved their Interstim(R) therapy  for treating chronic fecal incontinence as well. Up to now, this therapy was only used for the treatment of only urinary incontinence. But now, the Interstim(R) therapy for Bowel control has been approved and patients who have not been able to benefit from conservative treatments for their bowel problems can now opt for this minimally invasive therapy.

As part of this therapy, the sacral nerves (which exist just above the tail bone in our back) are subjected to mild electrical pulses through a mild electrical stimulation that is produced by an implanted system. These nerves control the pelvic and the bowel muscles and thus, problems like chronic fecal incontinence can be treated. A clinical trial of this therapy resulted in the reduction of fecal incontinence episodes in almost 80 percent of the subjects.

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