Breast Augmentation Now Possible Using Fat Tissue Stem Cells!

Good news for ladies who have been enduring the painful treatment of breast cancer and considering the possibilities of breast augmentation post treatment!

Plastic surgeons can now extract fat (adipose) tissue from a patientai??i??s body, modify it and introduce it back into the patientai??i??s body, only into a different area where fat cells are required.

The new technique enables a permanent and safe placement of the fat tissue into the part of patientai??i??s own choice within the body.

Research has shown that fat or adipose tissue contains huge amounts of stem cells that have the capacity to self-regenerate or self-renew just like embryonic stem cells.

With this concept, La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, California, began its participation in the research studies on Cell Enriched Fat Transfer (CEFT) four years ago.

About three months ago, in January, CEFT procedure was performed on patients with their consent. The results so far are promising.

CEFT for breast augmentation can be the exact option what women are looking for!

This technique does not have the risks associated with breast implants. Also, recovery pain is less when compared to conventional procedures and scarring after surgery is also reduced.

More than anything, the patient can get that natural feeling with these breasts.

CEFT technique could appeal to breast cancer survivors more than anyone else. After undergoing radiation therapy, lumpectomy and mastectomy, breast tissue gets damaged to an extent that sometimes it cannot be repaired at all.

Earlier fat transfer procedures could retain just 30% of the injected fat tissue and the remaining 70% was absorbed by the body.

But, with CEFT nearly 90% of the tissue can be retained by the breasts. This is possible due to the stem cells that integrate the graft into surrounding cells. Another added advantage is no risk of rejection.

Stem cells from fat tissues can also be stored for future use.

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