Anti-HIV Drugs May Now Become a Reality

In what could be a most outstanding achievement in medical science, doctors have now engineered a protein found in the human body that could prevent the HIV virus from entering our cells. The protein RANTES, which is a part of our body’s immune system plays a huge role in preventing the HIV virus from entering our body. Doctors studied this protein and understood that a small part of this protein plays an important role in blocking the entry of HIV virus into our body.

So, the doctors re-engineered this protein in order to prevent any unwanted complications like inflammation while sustaining its shield effect against the virus responsible for AIDS. Doctors also believe that the drugs that can be developed from this naturally occurring and engineered protein can not only be used to treat AIDS but, certain arthritic conditions as well.

The details of this research can be found in the April,2011 issue of The FASEB Journal.

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  1. HIV drugs are researched & developed by testing on HIV+ plasma or blood specimens. If you have been diagnosed HIV+, you could help medical researchers enhance therapeutic drug & vaccine development by donating your plasma. Companies like SeraCare Life Sciences are constantly looking for plasma donations and compensate donors $1000 or more per donation, or that money will be donated to a charity of choice.

  2. hi Dr what must i do if i have symptoms of hiv but when coming to test both nagetive,since 9 months ago.if find one day that i have it what must i do ,kill or what.cos now the pains are killing me,i was using rapid anti hiv (1&2) use,pls can thes be privete,all of thes be come after condom breaker by 22/08/2010/ i need help thanx

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