Why Handsome Men Marry Ugly Women

Did you ever wonder why handsome men, convinced of their good looks, prefer to settle down with less good-looking women? More than pondering on the reasons, people discuss about the event. Probably that is why, very little is known even to the experts on this topic ai??i?? why handsome men marry ugly women.

Interestingly in Astrology, there is a mention of such men. If the moon is well placed in the birth chart and the person has Venus in Capricorn zodiac sign, he can prefer a partner less in charm for monetary and practical gains.
Even the field of Psychology has surprising evidence from some research studies supporting the observation that a couple with differences in age and looks are happier when compared to men and women with less age gap and relatively same beauty quotient.

Why Handsome Men Marry Ugly Women
Men like dominance and security. In the world of womenai??i??s liberalization, men are left with a handful of ways to showcase their age-old vices. Out of frustration, are they into discovering new ways to assert their superiority over women? Definitely, the state they are subjected to is quite scary and filled with insecurities.

They might choose a partner with mediocre looks to probably boost their ego. When in public, they can be rest assured that the spot-light is always on them. Sometimes, an element of sympathy can also creep in when these men make public appearances. Ladies mesmerized with the charm of these men may be compassionate towards them. An extra mileage is acquired while trying to come closer to the opposite gender.

Or, is there another facet to it? If balance is the way of life, why canai??i??t it be applied while choosing a life partner? The charm of the man can complement the grace in his lady. At times these men can get completely absorbed in the whirlpool of their own charm and face threats of losing their character. The love of their less good-looking but dignified wives can play the role of sheet anchor and save the very BEING of these men.

Conclusion: As there is a drought of scientific evidence on this topic, it is left to the imagination of the people to find a convincing answer to the query why handsome men marry ugly women. But, it would always be in the better interest of both the genders, if the opinion framed on this topic is mutually acceptable and based on the established philosophies of life.

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  1. here’s a man point of view..I’m told I’m handsome and I get lots of attention from women and this is how i think…. men in general be it handsome or not prefer to marry an average or ugly women because of all the above reasons mentioned in the article PLUS men find themselves INSECURE around beautiful women..imagine your beaufiful wife attracting the attention of many men in your presence or at your absence, at her workplace or in the super market..etc!! Another reason pretty women in general tend to be too snoby, TOO DEMANDING, she sets the par too high for the husband to be in terms of income, life style, education etc..Also she doesn’t want to share the resopnsiblity of raising a family and all the bs that comes with marriage because in her mind she has that attitude that she’s pretty and any man would want to be with her..TURE any man would want to be with here ONLY for having fun and WRONG that he wants to be with her as a husband!
    The problem is both internal and external…internal in teerms of the personality and mentality of the beautiful woman and external in terms of marriage responsiblities and security/insecurity factors!

    and beleive me handsome men or men in general want to marry beautiful wonen, who doesn’t want to to have good looking kids?? but men can’t help it and priority to them is for a reasonable wife, a long lasting marriage and a peace of mind, no one wants a broken home or a split family!!

    I hope this could help..
    A handsome man!!

  2. I agree with the guy above me somewhat. But I don’t agree with the post, we aren’t insecure that we pick a girl because of our ego I mean really cmon, most guys like myself do not want to stand out or be in the spotlight. The real issue is it comes down to morals and there isn’t many women around with high morals these days. Women(and men) have sold out to what the TV and mainstream media teaches us.
    All men want attractive women as there other but a dependable, trustworthy women with high morals is far better than any good looking lady. Whats the use of going out or getting married with someone and then it falling apart a couple of years down the track because they cheated on you or whatnot, then its better to be single than to go thru all that nonsense. Besides you don’t get married to someone because there hot if you really love someone how they look will mean nothing when your 70 years old…

  3. I do agree with above comments, but if your wife is not good looking then your kids are not good looking too (including girls). When we get older then a good looking wife doesn’t matter but everybody want to have reasonably looking kids.
    A good wife should be reasonably looking and with good morals. A very beautiful photo model type wife with bad morals should be avoided.
    The worst wife is one who is ugly and with bad morals.

  4. Interesting article. I am considered to be one of these “handsome men” and I can agree to much of what this bit affirms about us hunks so to speak. I came upon this bit sort of from a place of seeking answers even from within myself, provoked by the strange and very healthy attraction I have found for a “less than attractive” gal recently. All my early adult years I have only dated very attractive women, and with no success. For various reasons they were not the ones for me but I can attribute to them all the same foundational issue – self-worship. It wasn’t until just recently that I have considered even entertaining a less attractive (in the worldly sense of the word) woman. My ex-wife cheated on me last year, and without remorse or proper justification continued to do so. I had enough with only looking at hott woman after that. Maybe I just needed to learn the lesson. Maybe I was the near sited one.. the guy who couldn’t stop and look deeper. It wasn’t until just recently that I even considered to look at someone if they weren’t super gorgeous, and I’m now glad I did. I found a lovely woman with the gal I’m dating now. She’s not what I use to date. She’s not exotic. She’s not even really bubbly or over the top.. She’s normal in every way.. And I’m finding this very intriguing. I’m more sexually attracted to her. Her shyness is exciting to me. Her “down to earth” attitude is disarming. I feel totally different with her than I ever did with the hotties I was so crazy after back in the day.
    I can say that for the most part it’s true. Men want to know that they can trust their partner. We want to know, and on a very deep level, that our women aren’t using their looks and charm or whatever else they have to send hidden or even open signals. Men are visual creatures and when a hott woman doesn’t realize this as a threat to her man but even flaunts it, it’s a slap of disrespect to his face. It’s far better to date a woman you can trust on a very deep level than it is to fall for looks and charm.. that only carries the ball so far. Anyways, hope this has helped some of the ladies out there understand us men.
    P.S. I gotta say, it’s not that you “less attractive” gals aren’t as attractive to us guys who take the time to know and love you, it is actually that you become more attractive in every sense of the word.. we crave you and love the security that you can bring us that your female hotty girlfriends could never come close to giving us… This is way more attractive and desirable.

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