Pure Maple Syrup Contains 54 Useful Compounds

Researchers from the University of Rhode Island have discovered that pure maple syrup contains 54 useful compounds which can treat various ailments in humans.

20 compounds were discovered as part of the preliminary research on the subject last year. 34 new compounds were found in the recent effort. 5 compounds were reported to be never found in nature.

All these findings were reported by the lead researchers at the 241st American Chemical Society’s National Meeting in Anaheim, California.
These compounds were found to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. They were found to be effective against ailments like bacterial illnesses, cancer and diabetes.

The unique compound reported by this research is the Quebecol. It has a chemistry which is the subject of further research on maple sap syrup. Experts believe that it will be a healthy choice if maple syrup is replaced by high fructose corn syrup on pancakes.

The results of the study lead by researcher Navindra Seeram will be published in the Journal of Functional Foods.

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