Coffee After High Fat Meal Doubles the Blood Sugar Level

It is a know fact that having a high fat meal increases the blood sugar levels in the body considerably in healthy individuals. High presence of sugar in the blood is detrimental for every organ in the body.

Researchers from the University of Guelph have found that having a cup of coffee after having the mentioned meal can even worsen the situation. The results of this study are published are in the Journal of Nutrition.

The risk of this state in healthy individuals is close to that of a diabetic patient’s case. While insulin takes away sugar from the blood and distributes it to the muscles, excess levels of glucose might hamper the process. The experts found that when healthy people have heavy fat meals, the sugar levels are as high as 32 percent.

There was a rise of 65 percent in the sugar levels when healthy men had coffee after the meal as part of this study. The significance of this study is that it has discovered that the food taken as lunch impacts the food items that we have later in the day. It is going to impact the lives of pre-diabetics drastically.

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