One in Three Women Experience Post-Sex Melancholy

In a startling study conducted at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), on more than 200 young women, it was revealed that one in three women, that is 32.9%, had, at some point, experienced post-sex blues. Although, the phenomenon is not discussed commonly. The researchers studied the experience called ai???postcoital dysphoriaai???. It means experiencing negative emotions even after satisfactory sexual intercourse.

According to Robert Schweitzer, Associate Professor, QUT, 32.9% women had experienced postcoital dysphoria symptoms at least for a little while in their life. 10% said that they experienced the symptoms most of the times or some part of it. Under normal circumstances, sexual intercourse is said to elicit a sense of well-being besides physical and psychological relaxation. However, people with postcoital dysphoria symptoms feel melancholic, tearful, anxious, irritable and restless. The exact cause of these negative feelings is yet not known.

Researchers feel that women who had been sexually abused later associate sexual activity with the abuse trauma along with a sense of guilt, shame, loss and punishment. This association might lead to problems in sexual life and even avoidance of sex. Professor Schweitzer intends to find out the emotional characteristics of the women who go through postcoital dysphoria to understand this phenomenon. The research is published in the International Journal of Sexual Health.

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