More Effective and Safer Skin Whitening Herb Discovered

Scientists have discovered an herb which is used in the Chinese medicine. This herb contains active ingredients which are used as skin whiteners to lighten the complexion. It is believed to be a more effective and safer option for skin whitening. The findings can be helpful to many Asian women who use skin whitening creams and lotions to get a perfect, blemish-free complexion. These lotions and creams come with side effects like itchiness, inflammation, redness and even skin cancer.

This wonder herb is Cinnamomum subavenium, a close relative of the tree from where cinnamon is obtained. Two chemicals were found in this plant which can block tyrosinase, the enzyme controlling melanin (dark pigment which colors the hair, skin and eyes). Blocking tyrosinase is one of the ways for whitening the skin. The experiments were tried on zebrafish. The embryos of zebrafish turned from black to white. This led the scientists to believe that the herb might have a similar effect on women too. The chemicals in the herb are said to be 100 times more effective in the reduction of melanin than the other agents like arbutin and kojic acid.

According to Hui-Min Wang, the lead author of the study, skin whitening creams contain toxic substances which pose as a threat to many women who use them. There is need to develop skin whitening methods which are not only effective but also safe.

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  1. Where can i buy this herb i cant find it anywhere.

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