Weight Loss Surgery Can Weaken Bones

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A recent study reveals that teens who went under the knife for weight loss suffer from loss of bone mass. This side effect also occurs in adults. The study found a decline in the bone mineral content of obese teens, two years after their weight loss surgery.

Pediatrics journal has published the results of this study online. The researchers say this finding should not cause any alarm as the bone mass of the teens was still within normal range. The research was conducted at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

61 teens who had undergone gastric bypass surgery were studied. During this surgery, the stomach size is reduced to as small as a golf ball. Because of this loss of bone mass, teens who undergo gastric bypass surgery should be monitored closely, say the researchers.

The causes for weaker bones could be weight loss caused by the surgery, or hormonal changes. Whatever the reason, long-term monitoring is required for these teens including bone scans done annually. More research is also required for gauging the long-term impact of weight loss surgery on bone health.

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