Replacement Eye Tissues Grown From Stem Cells to Restore Lost Vision!

A group of scientists from Ireland are growing corneal transplants from stem cells that can replace damaged eye tissues in people with eye sight loss due to accidents or diseases.

This project was made possible by the combined efforts of Dublin City Universityai??i??s National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital and the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

Dr. William Power of Royal Victoria hospital suggested this possibility, knowing that this technique was in use in the USA.

The institute developed methods to harvest and grow stem cell sheets that produce replacement corneal tissue, the outermost layer of corneal cells known as epithelium.

This corneal epithelium layer is a vulnerable tissue that can get burned easily during industrial accidents, due to some diseases and activities such as farming leading to loss of eye sight.

Stem cells used in this technique can be extracted from the undamaged eye or can be taken from a donor.

It was observed that the cells grew and formed a sheet about three cells deep in just 10-14 days time.

The corneal epithelial stem cells will be taken from the limbus, the area where the white of the eye meets the cornea and grown on a carrier membrane (amniotic membrane). Once the cells form sheets, these sheets will be transplanted to the patientai??i??s eye and held in place with sutures. As the epithelial cells get incorporated into the eye, the carrier membrane gets dissolved.

The team is testing the resultant corneal epithelial cells. Once they are satisfied with the outcome, they will start growing these replacement tissues on a large scale and after getting authorization from the Irish Medicines Board. They will be stored and supplied by Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

Currently, the service is running the national tissue bank that supplies ocular (eye) tissues for surgical purposes only.

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  1. Very interesting. This goes to show that you don’t need embryonic stem cells to achieve these kinds of breakthroughs. Adult stem cells are more ethical and have been used successfully in a lot of studies.

  2. Why are the more ethical. Each of those corneal cells could produce a whole new human. Next time
    you scratch yourself, cough, or any other expurgating function, just remember you killed thousands
    of cells that each has the potential to become an entirely new human. If you look under a microscope those cells are no different in complexity than embryonic stem cells. Comparing stem cells to human conscious life is religious pseudobabble by ignorant individuals who do not understand even the basics of biology. Conscious life is something that occurs by processes we do not fully understand but is known to be an emergent phenonomen due to the communication of trillions of connected neurons. It certainly is incapable of being produced by single cells, blastocyts, or even a fetus…the connections just are not there.

  3. dear sir ,
    my friend Mr. rashim Verma lost his eyesight(both eyes) in a car accident about 10 years ago . at that time he was explianed that no treatment could benefit him & he was advised to wait till the stem cell related treatment becomes available/possible.
    if u could please advise something in this regard, i can send u his case summary.

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