Nicotine Found to Elevate Blood Sugar Levels


We all know about the damaging effects of smoking. Now, there is one more reason to quit this dreadful habit for good. Smoking has been proven to be more deadly to diabetes patients, as nicotine was found to increase blood sugar levels in laboratory experiments.

Elevated blood sugar levels are dangerous for diabetes patients as this increases the risk of complications such as kidney and eye disease. The researchers say this study should motivate diabetics to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Not just smoking, even the use of nicotine patches should be curbed by diabetes patients. While short-term use of nicotine replacement products is ok, long-term use should be avoided. In fact, the researchers also discouraged the use of nicotine gum and electronic cigarettes as they lead to enhanced nicotine intake.

The lead researcher of the experiment is Xiao-Chuan Liu, a chemistry professor at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. Liu says his experiments clearly identify nicotine as the culprit behind the enhanced risk of smoking for diabetes patients.

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