Medical Marijuana Can Slow Thinking in MS patients


There is more fuel to the raging debate over medical marijuana. A recent study reveals that medical marijuana can cloud the thinking skills of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, who use marijuana to relieve muscle spasticity and pain. The research was recently published in Neurology.

Researchers in Canada monitored two groups of MS patients aged between 18 to 65 years. One group of patients were heavy marijuana users, while those in the other group did not use the drug.

Pot users performed much worse on tests that measured executive function, thinking speed and attention levels. Surveys reveal that about 40% of MS patients confess to have used pot. But, few say cannabis relieves emotional distress, bladder problems, tremors, spasticity, insomnia and pain that the disease causes.

Pro-marijuana lobbies portray the drug as benign. But, this study links pot use to clouded thinking. Health experts say the side effects of marijuana could be more dangerous than than the conditions it is supposed to alleviate.

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