Folk Remedies Useless for Baby Colic, Finds Review

crying baby

If your baby cries nonstop due to colic, you might have used folk remedies to rectify the problem. But, a recent review has found that such folk remedies are not effective in treating colic in babies.

Colic affects about 20% of babies in the U.S., especially in their initial few months. Sometimes, protein allergies and gastric reflux are mistaken for colic. Child experts say alternative remedies do not have government approval regarding their purity and ingredients. So, parents should always get their pediatricians’ consent before using folk remedies.

The review was conducted at the University of Exeter in England. It looked at 15 researches on the effectiveness of chiropractic methods, massage and alternative remedies against baby colic. About 1,000 babies were studied.

The review concluded that none of the folk remedies were effective. But, there were no reported side effects, except in one case: a herbal remedy caused constipation and vomiting. The best treatment for colic seems to be patience, as the ailment goes away on its own leaving crying babies and their parents happy after the ordeal.

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