Beware of Facebook Depression!

Vulnerable teens be warned. Beware of a new social media harm called ai???Facebook depression.ai??? Kids with low self-esteem are the most likely victims of this new-fangled mental trauma. Facebook accounts have friends’ tallies and photographs of happy people. If your account lacks a healthy dose of these, you could feel inferior.

Pediatrics journal recently published this warning about Facebook along with other cyber concerns such as sexting and cyberbullying. Some teens say Facebook is like a popularity contest and the winner is the one who gets a lot of friend requests and tagged pictures.

Some inconsiderate Facebook users also post insulting messages which can depress vulnerable teens. Experts say parents of such kids need to be aware of online dangers such as Facebook depression.

While healthy kids can enhance their social connectivity on Facebook, teens prone to depression can feel left out. Last year, a 15-year-old girl in Massachusetts committed suicide after being harassed on Facebook and in person. Health experts say Facebook is actually healthy, but one should not get obsessed with it.

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