Less Intense and Supervised Weight Training Safe for Pregnant Women

A new study conducted at the University of Georgia states that low-to-moderate intense weight training program is beneficial and safe for pregnant women. However, the weight training should be strictly under professional supervision. The study has broken some age-old notions which do not recommend weight training for pregnant women.

The researchers supervised the 32 pregnant women for more than 12 weeks and 618 exercise sessions. Their amount of weight, blood pressure and the potential side effects were closely monitored. At the end of the study, it was observed that none of the participants suffered musculoskeletal injury. One of the reasons weight training is not recommended for pregnant women is that it produces high levels of relaxin, a hormone which makes the tissues lax for the birth of the baby. The increased laxity might lead to orthopedic injury.

According to Patrick O’Connor, one of the researchers, less intense weight training exercises can avoid the increased production of relaxin, preventing the risk of injury. Therefore, it can be safely practiced by pregnant women. Researchers are further trying to find if weight training can help women with back pain during pregnancy. The research is published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

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