Have You Texted GOD Lately?

Well, I do not intend to turn this article into a battleground for Religion Vs. Science. We all know that the war between the two is as old as the gender war itself. But the truth of the matter is that neither can survive without the other. Researches on prayer go on to prove this. I am pretty sure whether you are an atheist or a theist, you would be interested to know what science has to say about saying a little prayer.

Intercessory prayer is answered
Somebody up there really wants us to be selfless while praying. Intercessory prayer, or prayer for a fellow human being yields positive results. According to, David R. Hodge, Professor (Social Work) at the Arizona State University, when prayer is offered for people with medical or psychological problems, it might just be answered. In the all-inclusive and thorough 17 studies, meta-analysis indicated the efficacy of prayer. However, it cannot be taken as the only treatment option for physical and psychological problems. Prayers can be combined with the other therapies and treatment for maximum efficiency. The study appears in the journal Research on Social Work Practice.

Prayer can help you handle abusive relationship
Yes, prayer can actually come handy during violent relationship. According to Shane Sharp, sociologist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, prayers helped people deal with an abusive relationship and emotions. They act as coping mechanism and help in venting out negative emotions. During prayers, the victims of the situation saw themselves as they felt God sees them. These perceptions are usually positive which raises their self-worth. If people vent out anger at the abusive partner then the consequences would be damaging. But while praying, they can get angry with God and release their negative emotions. Prayer is also a healthy distraction from the anxiety of an abusive relationship. The study appears in the journal Social Psychology Quarterly.

Say a prayer to lessen your anger
No, you do not need anger management, just a little prayer to say goodbye to wrath. According to Brad Bushman, Professor (Communication and Psychology), Ohio State University, praying can change people’s way of thinking about an unpleasant situation. In the study, it was observed that people provoked by insulting remarks from strangers were less angry and aggressive soon after the provocation if they happen to pray for someone at that time. Prayer can make anger less intense by changing the way we view the events which antagonize us. Prayer can also help us take things less personally. The study appears in journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Prayer for the partner boosts forgiveness and improves relationship
If you want to renew your relationship then try praying for your partner, instead of an appointment with a relationship expert. In a research conducted by a psychologist from the Florida State University, Nathaniel Lambert, it was observed that people who prayed for the partner nurtured fewer vengeful emotions and thoughts when they are wronged in a relationship. They are more ready to forgive their partner and move on. Prayer for the well being of the partner can also increase selfless concern, significantly improving relationship. This happens because prayer shifts the attention from the self to the other one. This allows the resentment to fade away. The study appears in Psychological Science.

I “pray” these studies might motivate you to spend a few minutes communicating with someone up there. On a lighter note, how about texting him/her/it???

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