New Enzyme to Diagnose and Treat Colon Cancer is Discovered

Experts from the University of Colorado have identified an enzyme in the body which can diagnose colon cancer early. The findings of their research have been published in the online edition of the journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.

The experts discovered that the enzyme ALDH1B1 is present in the malignant cells of almost all colon cancer patients who participated in the study. This enzyme is generally found in the stem cells. But, in the case of the cancer patients, the level of this chemical in the cancer cells of the colon was very high.

Earlier studies did report of certain biomarkers. But, none of them were present in all the cancer cells and in such exceedingly high levels.
The researchers believe that the primary reason for this enzyme to be present in such high levels is only to aid in the proliferation of the colon cancer cells.

The researchers are working on developing a drug which can kill the rogue cells on its interaction with the enzyme ALDH1B1.

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