Top Health Benefits of Listening to Music

“If music is the food of love; play on”, a playwright said. Music is considered as the language of the soul and it is as old as humanity. People love listening to music, but the taste of music varies from person to person. Music has a strong healing ability as confirmed by some health professionals. Some recent studies suggest that music has various positive effects on the health of people of all ages.

The therapeutic benefits of music can be traced back to ancient shamanistic rituals. Music has been considered as the healing tool in the writings of Aristotle, Pythagoras and Plato. These people believed that music can influence the well being of a person’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive abilities and it also improves the quality of life. These health benefits are described here in this article, read to know more.

Top Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Health Benefits of Listening to Music

  • Kills pain – Music helps reduce pain through the release of endorphins. These act as natural pain killers. Listening to music can also divert a person’s attention from pain and enhance relaxation. As per the research results published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, chronic pain can be reduced by up to 21% while listening to music. This study also stated that listening to music also made people to feel reduced depression, control their pain and made people feel less disabled by their condition.
  • Reduce stress – Stress is the root cause of many diseases which may include several mental diseases in people with high stress level.
  • Cardiovascular benefits – Listening to music can heal increased blood pressure and heart rate. Studies reveal that listening to music can reduce the risk of stroke and various other health problems. According to a study in Italy, researchers observed that people with mild blood pressure who listened to Celtic, Classical or Indian (raga) music for just half an hour a day had remarkable reduced levels of blood pressure. Good music aids in calming down the cells and tissues of lungs and thus, helps in bringing down the increased heart rate and breathing rate of a patient.
  • Stimulates brain cells – Music with strong beats can help in stimulating brain waves to resonate in sync with the beats. Faster beats bring sharp concentration and increased alert thinking. Listening to music with soothing and calming tone helps improve the ability to focus for longer duration and promotes a calm meditative state.
  • Benefits of Listening to Music

  • Music helps boost exercise performance – While exercising if you listen to music may have a deep impact on your workout performance and commitment. This is because music helps in diverting your attention in repetitive exercises which makes you feel less fatigued, exhausted and feeling of boredom are evaded.
  • Enhances a sound sleep – Listening to music can help in promoting a sound sleep and it also make sure we get enough rest that we require from sleeping. A sound sleep takes away stress, anxiety and depression from a person.
  • Instill positive feelings – As depression causes headache, weakness, loss of concentration and confusion, listening to music can bring a more positive state of mind and helps keep depression away. Regular listening to music makes a person to remember good days and happy moments. It also boosts self confidence and self esteem of a person.
  • Helps socialize –Music is a great way to socialize with people sharing similar passion. It also enables you to meet new people and give you a sense of belonging.

The above are a few health benefits of listening to music.

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