Multivitamin No Guarantee Against Heart Diseases or Cancer

According to a new research, taking multivitamin does not protect one from heart attacks or cancer. The past studies have not shown any link between the multivitamin and the decreased risk of heart disease or cancer. There was no evidence that multivitamin can protect one from diabetes. U.S. National Institutes of Health advice doctors to prescribe multivitamins only to those people who need them and to people who cannot fulfill vitamin requirements through diet. However, more than 50% of American adults take multivitamin.

In the study, the researchers studied more than 18,000 participants. They observed that the number of deaths due to heart disease and cancer among people taking multivitamin was same as those who were not taking the supplements.

About 616,000 Americans die of heart diseases and around 560,000 die of cancer. Just popping multivitamin will not serve the purpose. One needs to switch to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. However, the research does not say that multivitamin has adverse effect on health. But they can be quite expensive ranging from $3 to $16 a month.

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