How to Treat Cuts

How to treat cuts

Never ignore a cut, however harmless it may look. You need to be careful to avoid the risk of infection. Most times, you can treat the cut yourself. But, if it causes concern, is deep or bleeding profusely, then get medical help. This article reveals basic tips about how to treat cuts.

How to Treat Cuts

  • Make the victim sit down to avoid feeling weak.
  • Dirty, deep wounds and animal bites require a tetanus shot.
  • Wash both your hands thoroughly before touching the cut.
  • Put light pressure on the cut with a sterile gauze. This encourages clotting. It may take a few minutes for the bleeding to stop.
  • Clean the cut with water and soap. Remove dirt and and debris, if any.
  • Allow the cut to dry. Then, close it with an adhesive bandage.
  • You can apply an antiseptic lotion or cream before closing the wound.
  • For small cuts, use narrow strips or butterfly bandages as these minimize scars and promote healing.
  • In case the cut is located on a joint, such as elbow or knee, use a flexible adhesive bandage that can withstand plenty of movement. These bandages are recommended for manual laborers, athletes and other highly active people.
  • The bandage should be replaced after a shower or every other day.
  • If the cut becomes irritated, swollen, red or warm, it means the wound could be infected. Consult a doctor immediately.

How to Take Care of Cuts

  • To prevent infection, maintain proper hygiene by keeping the cut clean.
  • Ensure that the dressing does not become dirty or wet. If it does, change it immediately.
  • For serious cuts, see a doctor who can close it with stitches.
  • Of late, gluing is used rather than stitches.
  • Check with the doctor if a tetanus shot is necessary.

The above tips would have taught you how to treat cuts. Do not feel shy to seek trained medical help if you feel the situation is beyond you. Here’s to your health and happiness.

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