Gambling Problems More Common than Alcohol Problems

The researchers from the Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions made an observation that the gambling problems among Americans above the age 21 is significantly more common than the alcohol problem. Yet more attention is given to alcohol issues than the gambling ones. John W. Welte, the lead author of the study, feels that the study reveals that there is persistence in the frequency of gambling problems in the adulthood. Intervention and prevention efforts need to be taken up to deal with the problem of gambling.

Welte and colleagues carried out national survey to identify the alcohol use and gambling in the U.S. It was observed that frequent gambling is twice as common among men as it is among women. Men reach the highest gambling rate in their teen whereas women take longer time to do so. The gambling problem is higher among whites than Asians and Blacks. The problem was observed more among people with low socioeconomic status.

These findings make it clear that the problem of gambling is not a rare one and ample consideration should be given to it. The study is published in the Journal of Gambling Studies.

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