Fertility Treatment Using Semen From HIV Positive Men Effective and Safe

A new study states that fertility treatments might be carried out effectively and safely in couples where the woman is not infected with AIDS virus whereas the man is. In the past 2 decades, researchers have developed technique to “wash” the semen of individuals infected with HIV. Unwashed semen might get passed on from the infected man to the partner or the baby. Washing the semen can lower the transmission risk and is an acceptable procedure for people who would like to have children.

Researchers from Evandro Chagas Clinical Research Institute, Rio de Janeiro, studied around 1,800 couples where only the man was infected with HIV. In the study, the researchers carried out two common fertility treatments once the semen had been washed. They recorded the success of the treatment. Mothers and the babies were monitored to see if the HIV had passed on to them through semen. None of them were HIV positive. The success rate of the fertility treatment was about 85%.

Transmission of HIV requires trauma to woman’s body. The virus is passed from the semen to the blood. There is chance of this taking place during intercourse but it might not happen in fertility treatment. The findings of the study are quite reassuring for couples who would like to have children but the man is HIV positive. The research is published in the journal Fertility and Sterility

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