Menthol Cigarettes Do Not Pose Greater Lung Cancer Risk

A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute states that menthol cigarettes do not pose greater lung cancer risk than the regular ones. According to the advisory panel of U.S. Food and Drug Administration, banning menthol cigarettes might be in favor of the public health. The minty flavor of menthol makes people take up the habit more readily. However, the researchers feel that menthol cigarettes might have lower lung cancer risk than the other cigarettes.

The US researchers analyzed the data collected from about 86,000 people from 12 southern states. They compared 440 lung cancer patients with more than 2,200 healthy participants. It was found that menthol cigarette was associated with low lung cancer incidence and deaths than the regular ones. Individuals who smoked about 20 cigarettes in a day, smokers of menthol cigarettes were at around 12 times higher lung cancer risk than the non-smokers. The risk was around 21 times greater for regular cigarette smokers. The study concluded that menthol cigarettes are not more, and might be less harmful than the regular cigarettes.

However, the researchers said that people should not be misled by this study. Smoking remains the main cause of premature deaths in the US. Banning just the menthol cigarettes will not serve the purpose. Smoking any cigarette, menthol or regular, is injurious to health.

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