Herbs for Arthritis


Arthritis pain can be debilitating. There are many treatment options for arthritis such as painkillers and antibiotics. But, allopathic medicines can have undesirable side effects. That is why more and more patients are opting for natural treatments for their arthritis pain. This article reveals some effective herbs for arthritis.

Herbs for Arthritis
Natural treatments like herbs are increasingly becoming popular even in Western countries to treat arthritis. Read on to know more about useful herbs for arthritis:

This has been a popular arthritis remedy for ages. But, do not use alfalfa powder. Instead, drink the herbal tea for effective results.

Ginger is a wonder herb with numerous benefits. Ginger compress and ginger tea are used to reduce arthritis swelling.

Ginseng Liquor
This remedy is recommended to alleviate stress caused by arthritis. However, be careful not to use Asian Ginseng as it can worsen the pain. Instead, use American Ginseng for best results.


Pineapple hosts a chemical named Bromelain which is known to reduce swelling in arthritis patients.

Sesame Seeds
These contain mineral copper, which can help satiate the nutritional requirements of arthritis patients.

This herb has powerful antioxidant properties, which help prevent the damaging effects of free radicals. Thus in arthritis patients, Oregano helps combat inflammation and degenerative arthritis.

This herb acts against allergy and inflammation.

Cooked and raw celery are great remedies for rheumatism. This herb hosts numerous beneficial minerals.


Turmeric can treat almost any condition. Therefore, it is very popular in India. Turmeric’s yellow pigment called curcumin effectively combats inflammation in arthritis patients.

This is a popular herb in American folk medicine. It can improve arthritic condition.

Willow is called herbal aspirin as it can reduce swelling and pain just like aspirin.

This herb is widely used in European folk medicine. It has pain-relieving and anti-spasmodic properties.

Now that you have gained information about the various effective herbs for arthritis, try one of them and check the results for yourself.

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