High-Fiber Diet Keeps the Heart Healthy

Latest research from the Northwestern Medicine states that a fiber-rich diet can be vital for the health of the heart in the long run. Young and middle-aged individuals who make this lifestyle change and embrace a fiber-rich diet will have a healthy heart when they grow old. The study found that the adults in the age group of 20 and 59 with highest fiber consumption have lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those with the lowest fiber consumption. This is for the first time fiber intake has been associated with the cardiovascular diseases.

Hongyan Ning, the lead author of the study, examined data of around 11,000 adults. Their blood pressure, diet, smoking habits, total cholesterol and diabetes history were considered. It was noticed that young and middle-aged with high fiber consumption showed significant low lifetime cardiovascular disease risk than those with the low fiber intake.

It is already a known fact that fiber intake can help people lose weight, improve hypertension and lower cholesterol. Therefore, it is obvious that the fiber rich diet is great for the heart. Hypertension, weight and cholesterol determine the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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