Study to Evaluate Stem Cell Injection Capability in treating Low Back Pain from Arthritis

A team of investigators in Phoenix, headed by Dr. Ajay Narwani at the Preferred Pain Center, Arizona, will be conducting a pilot study using stem cell injections prepared from stem cells derived from amniotic fluids of live donors (not embryonic). This research would initially include 50 patients with low back pain caused due to facet arthritis.

Facet arthritis is most common in the lower back and neck. It is a result of the cartilage breakdown in the facet joints of spine that are present in the lower back. This in turn leads to lower back pain and muscle spasms.

Till date, the most effective treatment for facet arthritis has been steroid injections. Although the results are extremely good in more than 75% of the patients, these injections do not have the capacity to alter the course of arthritis.

Scientists have been working in the direction of discovering a substance that would regenerate the damaged joint and relieve the pain caused, thus changing the course of the disease.

They found an answer in the form of an anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal, stem cell rich substance that when injected into the patient has the potential to regenerate the worn out cartilage and get rid off the pain completely.

This FDA regulated stem cell injection has already been injected more than 3000 times in the USA in cases that required wound healing, spine fusion and to prevent scar formation around spinal cord.

The current study is the first of its kind to use this injection for pain management. All the patients in this study will be under observation for a minimum period of six months. During this phase, the factors that will be assessed include reduction of pain, reduction of narcotic medications and work status.

If the results turn out to be as expected by the researchers, very soon another dreadful disease will get buried in the grave.

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