The Oscar Salutes the Human Frailties!!!

Shakespeare exploited the human weaknesses and became the most revered name in the history of English Literature. Be it Othelloai??i??s jealousy and insecurities or Macbethai??i??s lofty ambitions, the bard has beautifully glorified the flaws of the human beings. This year the Academy Award also followed the suit. By recognizing the amazing performance of Colin Firth as a King struggling with his stammering issue, he was the obvious choice for this yearai??i??s ai???Best Actorai??? award. Similarly, the Oscars have saluted the never-say-die human spirit in the past too. The characters suffering from physical challenges or mental ones, all got their rightful place in the ai???Hall of Fameai???. Some of them might not have made it to the gold statue but they all are winners in their own way.

Oscar Recognizes the Human Shortcomings
Dustin Hoffman (Won the Oscar)
Movie- Rain Man
Character- Raymond Babbitt
Year- 1988
Human Frailty- Autism

Anthony Hopkins (Won the Oscar)
Movie- The Silence of the Lambs
Character- Hannibal Lecter
Year- 1991
Human Frailty- Cannibalistic Serial Killer

Al Pacino (Won the Oscar)
Movie- Scent of a Woman
Character- Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade
Year- 1992
Human Frailty- Visually Challenged

Tom Hanks (Won the Oscar)
Movie- Philadelphia
Character- Andrew Beckett
Year- 1993
Human Frailty- AIDS

Tom Hanks (Won the Oscar)
Movie- Forrest Gump
Character- Forrest Gump
Year- 1994
Human Frailty- Below Average Intelligence Quotient

Jack Nicholson (Won the Oscar)
Movie- As Good As It Gets
Character- Melvin Udall
Year- 1996
Human Frailty- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Russell Crowe (Nominated for the Oscar)
Movie- A Beautiful Mind
Character- John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Year- 2001
Human Frailty- Delusion

Sean Penn (Nominated for the Oscar)
Movie- I am Sam
Character- Sam Dawson
Year- 2001
Human Frailty- Developmental Disabilities

Leonardo Di Caprio (Nominated for the Oscar)
Movie- The Aviator
Character- Howard Hughes
Year- 2004
Human Frailty- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Colin Firth (Won the Oscar)
Movie- The Kingai??i??s Speech
Character- King George VI
Year- 2010
Human Frailty- Speech Defect

These are just a few brilliant characters to be honoured by the film fraternity. They all faced some kind of physical or psychological challenges which they portrayed in the movies and won themselves accolades and admiration. In case I have missed out any important consideration then consider it as my human frailty and excuse me!!!

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