Scientists Come Closer to Developing Prostate Cancer Drug

According to the National Cancer Institute, 217,730 people were diagnosed with prostate cancer in the United States in 2010. 32,050 people lost their lives after getting diagnosed with this disease.

American researchers from the Van Andel Research Institute, in Grand Rapids, Michigan have gained further insights into the origin of the cancer in the prostate gland. The knowledge is believed to help in the discovery of new treatment drugs.

The organ prostate consists of two layers. While the inner layer is made up of basel cells, the outer layer is formed by the secretory cells. The study discovered a molecule KGF which is found to convert the former cells into the latter ones.

When there is disruption in this conversion process of the prostate cells, cancer arises in the organ. The role of the genes associated with the prostate cancer development is also studied by the researchers as pat of their further efforts.

Based on the knowledge of this study, new treatment methods can be evolved which can compel the rogue cells to get converted quickly. This can reduce the aggressiveness of the ailment and bring down the associated complications.

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