How Depression in Fathers Affects their Children?

According to a research study carried out at the University of Michigan Health System, children of depressed fathers get spanked four times more than children of normal fathers. The knowledge of these fathers of their kids is also less. The results of this study were published in the April 2011 print issue of Pediatrics journal.

1,746 fathers of 1-year old infants were part of this study. They were tested for depression, assessed on the extent to which they interacted with their children and for how many times did they beat their children in last one month.

The end of this study found that seven percent fathers to be depressed and 41 percent of them tried to read their kids three times per week at least. The percentage was as high as 58 percent in kids with normal fathers.

The effects of depression in mothers on their kids are very well studied. The present study focuses on a less known aspect of how the mental health of fathers’ affects the kids.

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