Cholesterol Lowering Drugs for Thrombosis Soon

Researchers from the School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading have discovered that the protein LXR has dual role to play. Decrease in its level in the blood can not only treat cholesterol but also help in clotting of the blood.

The findings of the research mention that high levels of this protein in the blood stops the components of blood, the platelets to function normally. Formation was blood clot is reduced by 40 percent by this protein.

The researchers believe that the finding can lead to development of drugs which can target the protein LXR. Such drugs can curb cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of complications which arise owing to excess blood loss.

Excess cholesterol levels block the pathways to the heart by dumping cell debris called plaques. Sometimes, clotting of blood in the veins and arteries also leads to similar conditions.

The consequences are less supply of oxygen rich blood to the heart leading to heart pain and heart attacks.

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