Bilingualism Observed in Brain Neurons – Cotransmission

Cells of the brain are called the neurons. They seek the help of signaling molecules known as neurotransmitters for communication. Generally, one neurotransmitter is known to be associated with a neuron.

But, researchers at the University of Montreal and McGill University have discovered that the neurons can use two neurotransmitters and send more than information through the neural networks.

For instance, the neurons use dopamine signaling molecule for carrying out processes like motivation and learning. The present study revealed that they also use glutamate molecule for transmission of information.

Also brain neurons known to use serotonin for controlling aggression, mood, impulsivity and intake of food use acetylcholine. The latter is a signaling molecule involved with processes like memory and motor skills.

The new observed phenomenon is called cotransmission and is believed to be furthering the understanding of several brain ailments like Parkinsonai??i??s, Schizophrenia and depression.

The results of their study are published in the journal Nature reviews Neuroscience.

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