No Immediate Threat Due to Japan Radiation: WHO

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) China representative, on Friday, said that the spread of the radiation from the explosions at the nuclear plant in Japan is limited and does not pose any immediate health risk. It was told that the radiation has not been spread significantly. It is restricted to the immediate reactor zones. However, the situation is changing and it needs to be closely monitored.

Japan has been trying hard to control the overheating at the Fukushima nuclear plant after it experienced explosions following an earthquake and tsunami. Experts fear that the radioactive substance leakage might pose serious risks of health. China and the other nearby countries have started monitoring of the radiation levels. However, Michael O’Leary, WHO representative, stated that China will only experience small impact of such an event.

This emergency had started panic and people started buying iodized salt in China due to the misconcept that iodine might protect the body from the radiation exposure. The statement by WHO official might bring respite to the people in China and the neighbouring countries.

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