Gardening Promotes Vegetable Consumption Among Adults

According to a research conducted by the researchers at Texas State University and Texas A&M University, older adults participating in gardening are more likely to eat vegetables. The results were obtained from an online survey and are published in the HortTechnology. Previous researches also confirm that gardening is a great way of increasing people’s vegetable and fruit intake. More than half of the older population in the US does not meet the recommended five servings of vegetables and fruits daily. Poor nutrition is one of the reasons for morbidity and mortality among the elderly.

Adults above the age of 50 completed 261 questionnaires in an online survey. The results supported the previous studies that gardeners might consume more vegetables than the non-gardeners. The results are not true for fruits. Also the time spent in gardening activity had no relationship with the amount of fruit and vegetable consumption.

According to Tina Waliczek, one of the authors of the study, gardening intervention program might help in encouraging fruit and vegetable consumption among adults.

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