Lack of Partner Support Leads to Prenatal Baby Blues

According to a research appearing in the journal BMC Public Health, a strained relationship with the partner or husband is a very strong indicator of the maternal emotional distress. Some women go through overwhelming “baby blues” before child birth.This anxiety and depression during pregnancy might lead to low birth weight, premature delivery or impact on the child’s health. It was also observed that older mothers were able to deal with the distress better than the younger ones.

The Norwegian study involved about 50,000 pregnant women. They were asked how they felt about partner or family, work etc. Their alcohol habits, bouts of illnesses and smoking habits were compared. It was observed that women who were the most unhappy in the relationships with their partners were more likely to go into depression during pregnancy. Work pressure and illnesses were also found to be associated with the prenatal emotional distress. However, a happy relationship with the husband or the partner acts as a buffer against the daily stresses. Women with strong relationships were able to handle stressful situations at home, work, finances in a better way.

This study will be helpful in addressing the prenatal emotional distress which is often neglected. Its treatment is very important to prevent problems for the mother as well as the baby.

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