Why Do We Need Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler – the name itself says a lot. Even 78 years after his rise to power and 66 years after his death, this one name just won’t go out of our memories. An idea of his led to the death of 17 million civilians in Europe alone. The FA?hrer as he was most famously called by fellow Nazis and even the by Allied Forces turned out to be the worst tyrants that the world has ever seen.

Despite all his atrocities towards mankind the name just won’t get erased from our memories, why?

Adolf Hitler: Any history book we get to read and that deals with the WWII or the Great War definitely mentions two names – Allied Forces and the Axis Powers. While the Allied Powers had way too many people representing them, The Axis Forces were always referred to with the name of one man, which we know is Adolf Hitler.

Hitler occupied almost the entire continent of Europe before he and his forces succumbed. But in the 12 years that he was in office, he made sure to assert that Aryans were the best race and the rest were no match. This idea of his led to the death of 6 million Jews who were part of the infamous Holocaust.

Hitler’s early life was a struggle during which time he strongly believed that his fatherland was Germany and not Austria and also this was the period when his hatred for Jews was escalating. Hitler served in the First World War as a soldier of the Bavarian Army and strongly believed that it was the Jews and the Marxists who led to Germany’s downfall and its financial crisis in the later years.

Being a great orator that he was, Hitler was able to instil his anti-Semitism ideas into the German nationals after he became the Chancellor of Germany. This idea of his enabled him attack and occupy Poland after which the WWII began.

Why Do We Need Hitler?: The answer is quite straightforward. We need him to know what a man should not be like and what he should think like. Despite his enormous capabilities as a leader and his impeccable ability to work round the clock, Hitler never used it for the good of mankind.

But instead, he used it to destroy them. In a bid to make Germany the superior power in Europe Hitler sacrificed his own people including several other millions. Economies were hit, cities were destroyed and people suffered even after his death. Such were the repercussions of his ideas.

Today Hitler is made an example of to show everyone that we do not need such leaders to lead a nation. No one can cite a better example than Hitler when it comes to understand what not to do as a leader and an individual.

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