Protein Responsible for Apple and Pear Shaped Bodies

A research conducted at the University of Edinburgh throws light on how the fat gets stored in the body. The way fat is stored in one’s body determines whether one will be pear-shaped or apple-shaped. According to the research, a protein (11BetaHSD1) is responsible for how the fat is stored in the body. This gives a new understanding on how proteins work which can lead to the development of medicines for obesity.

The level of the 11BetaHSD1 is higher in the body type which stores food around the abdomen (“apple” shaped body). The low levels of this protein stores the fat around hips (“pear” shaped body). The pear shaped body is considered healthier than the apple shaped one. The study conducted on mice with 11BetaHSD1 protein had more chances of having unhealthy fat tissue on high fat diet after four weeks than the mice without this protein.

The study gives an insight to certain fat is unhealthy while the other is a good energy source. Limiting the mentioned protein might help in combating obesity and the related health issues. The study is published in the journal Diabetes.

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