Americans Hit the Panic Button! Buying Anti-Radiation Drugs!!!

Americans have hit the panic button and are buying Potassium iodide tablets to protect themselves from the radiation due to the nuclear disaster in Japan. According to many press accounts, Potassium iodide pills are flying off the shelves of the drug stores in about three West Coast states: California, Oregon and Hawaii. These tablets are used to protect the thyroid glands from the radioactive material. U.S. Surgeon General warned Americans to ai???be preparedai??? following explosions at the nuclear plant at Fukushima, Japan. Scientists have warned that the material blasted in the atmosphere might blow towards the US.

If the numbers were to be believed then:

  • Nukepills.com has sold about 250,000 iodide pills.
  • Anbex is getting three new orders per minute.
  • A pack of 14 pills that costs about $ 9.99, under normal conditions, is being sold for $250 to $400 on eBay and Amazon.com.
  • Geigercounters.com has stopped people from placing orders.

However, President Obama has assured that US is not under any danger from the nuclear fallout in Japan.

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