Surgical Robots Increase Prostate Cancer Surgeries

Research reveals that hospitals that use surgical robots perform more prostate cancer surgeries. This study was published in Medical Care journal. But, this data does not help men prostate cancer patients, who are confused by the array of treatments available.

The study found that hospitals that use surgical robots were more likely to treat prostate cancer with surgery. Buying a surgical robot increased prostate cancer operations in that particular hospital. This could be because hospitals owning a robot might be steering patients towards surgery, instead of nonsurgical options.

But, surgical prostate removal can cause complications such as impotence and incontinence. And, robotic surgery is more expensive by $2000 compared to regular surgery. Researchers say robotic surgery provides no clear advantage over traditional surgery or other treatments.

Yet, many hospitals are campaigning that high-tech robotic surgery offers betters results for prostate cancer patients. This could be because hospitals need to recover the cost of surgical robots which are expensive. A single surgical robot costs between $1 million and $2.25 million. Therefore, prostate cancer patients need to be more aware of their choices and ask their doctors more questions before agreeing to robotic surgery.

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