Serotonin Might Influence Our Judgment About Couple’s Intimacy

According to a study conducted at the Oxford University, our judgment about the intimacy levels of other couples is influenced by serotonin, a brain chemical. This might mean that people with low levels of serotonin, as in the case of psychiatric conditions like depression, might have a changed perception of personal relationships. Serotonin is important for our social behavior. It might be a contributing factor to the difficulty in establishing social relationships in people with low serotonin levels.

22 participants were observed in this experiment. They were asked to rate the intimacy levels of other couples. 19 of the participants drank the control drink to manipulate their serotonin activity. It was observed that the brain chemical can affect the individual’s ability to maintain intimate personal relationships.

The study will help in the treatment of psychiatric conditions which makes intimacy challenging. However, supportive close relationships are said to prevent mental illnesses. On the other hand, dysfunctional relationships might trigger psychiatric conditions. The study appears in the journal Biological Psychiatry.

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