Have You Smiled Yet?

Wait a minute! Did you forget to bring it to work today? Did that crazy driver, who took away your parking space, snatched it away from your face? Did it get lost under that pile of bills, mortgages and what not? Well, we are talking about your smile!!! I know Monday morning is not really the right time to talk about happiness or something like that but I’ll take my chances. With just a hope that the researches done on smile might be able to put it back to where it belongs- YOUR FACE!!!

Smile is, indeed, contagious
It seems Louis Armstrong was psychologically true when he sang ai???When youai??i??re smiling; the whole world smiles with youai???. Psychologists from VU University, Amsterdam and the University of Utrecht, proved it so through their experiments. The study says that just looking at a smile activates the facial muscles which imitates the expression, even though we might be unaware of it. Unfortunately, this is true for frown too. So, make sure you look at smiling people and avoid the ones with long face.

Babyai??i??s smile a natural high for the mother
Your baby’s smile surely is your opium as it can make you high naturally. This is what the researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine claim. When the baby smiles the reward centers of the motherai??i??s brain light up. 28 first-time mothers were studied during the experiment. It was found during the scans that when these mothers looked at their own babyai??i??s smiling faces the areas in the brain associated with reward lit up.

Women smile more than men
All you women there’s something to smile about. According to a researcher from the Yale University, women tend to smile more than their male counterparts. The degree of differences vary depending on the individual’s culture, age, ethnicity or when individuals feel someone is observing them. Men and women smile the same when they occupy the same position in power, social role or occupation. Also women tend to smile more often in a tensed situation. It is their way to soothe the feelings and restore harmony.

Smile genuinely for a productive day
A fake smile can actually turn off your customers. A study conducted by a scholar from the Michigan State University feels that workers who have to fake smile throughout the day withdraw from work and worsen their day. This affects the productivity. On the other hand, people who genuinely smile by thinking of positive thoughts withdraw less from work and improve their mood. The customers can sense when the smile is genuine and when it is fake. Besides, pretending to smile the whole day can be emotionally very tiring. Therefore, organizations would benefit more if they keep their employees really happy.

Everyone can ai???hearai??? your smile
You read it right, listeners can identify the type of smile through its sound alone. According to the scientists from the University of Portsmouth, some individuals have ai???smilierai??? voices when compared to others. Smiling and other body expressions are full of informational punch. When we hear people speaking we might be picking up cues, may be unconsciously, to interpret the speaker.

Well, I insist you curl your lips a little and give the person in front of you a smile. It’s not much of a work for you but it might just make his day!!!

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